A Tale of Two Plants

Part of the group show Seen curated by Gabriela Mateescu for the digital art platform spam index at Leilei Gallery, Bucharest, 2021.

Watch the video here

Saussurea Porcii and Nymphaea Lotus var. Thermalis are two endemic plants that went extinct.
Saussurea Porcii went extinct about 100 years ago due to excessive grazing in the area. It was surprisingly found in the past few years but only seen in small bunches and it's still in great danger and probably has no chance of survival.
Nymphaea Lotus var. Thermalis no longer has a place to grow after many hotels and resorts were built in the 1 Mai area. Profiting from the thermal waters, in time, led to the drying up of the spring and the lake. Due to the pandemic the lake has risen back up and Nymphaea could be seen again but this is only temporary.