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It's said that in the year 2024, the solar began filling with the flowers we see today. At first, the gardner tried pruning them, but to no success. He soon had to stop growing his tomatoes.
Word quickly spread through the village and soon throughout the entire region. Everyone came to see the new flora blooming in the solar. The flowers grew so rapidly that the solar was bursting at the seams, forcing the gardner to remove the covers.
The flowers growing today in the skeleton of the past solar remain an enigma to scientists who travel from all over the world to study them. These unique flowers can only be found in the village of Gulia.
The new specimens have been named Delphinium rutrum, Skimmia furca, and Sempervivum sarculum.

Delphinium rutrum, with its fragrant blossoms, emits a delightful aroma that fills the solar, making it a favorite among both locals and botanists.

Sempervivum sarculum, characterised by its rosette formation and hardy nature, stands out in the solar, symbolising endurance and natural beauty.

Skimmia furca, a botanical marvel in the solar, stands tall with its elegant spikes and intricate blossoms, catching the eye of passersby.

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